Hi, I am a freelance webdesigner / webdeveloper
WordPress expert,
webdesign & webdevelopment

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Based in Belgium,
working in Antwerpen, Brabant, Limburg, Vlaanderen,
België en Nederland

I'm experienced with almost anything web.

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I am a webdesigner, webdeveloper, graphic designer, UX thinker, frontend engineer, online enthusiast. My skillset is broad through experience.

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i am a designer

  • WordPress Webdesign
  • Responsive Webdesign
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • User Experience Strategy (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Branding and Corporate Identity
  • Graphic & Print Design

i am a developer

  • Frontend developer
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • SASS, LESS, Grunt
  • PHP, MySQL Webdevelopment
  • WordPress Development
  • Information Architecture Strategy
  • SEO

i am a chameleon

  • Branding and Corporate Identity
  • User Interaction
  • User Experience
  • Usability
  • Using WordPress as CMS
  • Speaking on Webdesign
  • Communications passionate (web/mobile/opensource)


I work or worked for these companies and brands on all kinds of projects, designing the web, print, logo's or developing code.

most recent:

  • Telenet / Yelo
  • Sony
  • Studio100
  • Axe
  • Toocan
  • iCapps
  • Nascom
  • Darwin BBDO
  • Digipolis

projects for:

  • Mars
  • Unicef
  • Ici Paris XL
  • L'Oreal
  • VAIO
  • Hill+Knowlton Strategies
  • Edelman
  • Software Advies
  • Alligence Communications
  • Internet Architects

previous work:

  • These Days Y&R
  • Acerta
  • Hyundai
  • Famous
  • Agfa
  • Telenet Business
  • Rosy Blue
  • Jupiler
  • Photo Studio Graphics
  • Big Media Group
  • Cipal

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A Rich News Website

De Rijkste Belgen, til now only available in book format, is a well documented list by financial journalist Ludwig Verduyn. A well established author who previously wrote for De Tijd (Belgiums financial newspaper) and was editor in chief for De Morgen, another major news outlet in Belgium. Since some years he spearheads Actua TV and wrote a book about the finances of the wealthiest Belgians, where their fortune comes from, how they manage it and how it fluctuates. Ludwig and his people contacted me to see how we could transform […]


Real Estate module / website Tweemolens

For the to be developed real estate project Tweemolens, comprising two buildings in the Schorsmolen and Korenmolen street, we developed a real estate website which gives the user the possibility to get more information on the project, see project pictures as well as the plans and get in touch with the salespeople. The salespeople have an extra tool in their belt, with the added option to register a sale on the property through an extra module (plugin) I developed. It lets them log in, select the unit and add it to […]


Axe website

For Axe, the well-known brand of deodorants, bodyspray and stylingproducts, we were asked to build a new website, focusing on lifestyle, music and fashion. Information architecture was already done by HeadOffice, the actual build of the site we discussed with them, opting for full AJAX navigation, homepage videoplayer, multi-language, masonry layout, infinite scroll, contests with and without Spotify Connect, music player, and some nifty animation and transitions in navigation, hover effects and so on. Preferrably built with WordPress as backoffice, since they already were proficient with that. In a few […]


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I've also been blogging, have a read of my latest posts. Usually revolving around web design, technology, mobile etc..

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Pukkelpop Lineup prelisten YouTube Spotify Google Music #pkp15 chrome extension

Since I am a pretty avid music fan, a regular Pukkelpop visitor and a web developer/ux designer, I like my music as my technology, new, exciting and innovative. And working in webdevelopment and UX and browsing the web 24/7 made me pretty critical too on how things should work (for me). And if they don’t, how I can make ‘em work for me. One thing that I missed on the Pukkelpop site is that I wanted to quickly listen to all the 200+ artists on the roster. And quickly, just from […]


Responsible Web Design – Talk WordCampNL 2014

In 2012 I talked about Responsive Web Design at WordCampNL, a methodology about which I was very convinced at the time, and meanwhile the rest of the world too. This year I wanted to take the acronym a step further and gave it a slightly different meaning, Responsible Web Design (or Rant on Web Design). With that definition I want to step away from the purely technical side of things, but focus more on UX, design and content and how they fit together from a user- and frontend-perspective. User Experience […]


WordPress & how to best manage specific content

WordPress is great .. but .. I’ve been working with WordPress for 6 years or something. And most of the times that’s a bunch of fun, and I always find a way to make something work, but… some stuff is still a bit hard to do (or I’m not aware of a better method). And sometimes, it’s hard to choose on which tradeoffs to make. With the arrival of Custom Post Types in 3.0 the Managing of Content in our System became a lot more powerful for instance, but it doesn’t […]