Hi, I am a creative freelancer available for responsive webdesign, webdevelopment, graphic design & WordPress + PodsCMS

image of various mobile, tablet and laptops, Android and iOS iPhone devices featuring responsive webdesign by Tom Hermans, also Facebook page

I'm experienced with almost anything web.

What can I do for you?

I am a webdesigner, webdeveloper, graphic designer, online enthusiast, which makes my skillset rather broad. See the next three columns what skills I possess.

i am a designer

  • Mobile & Website Design
  • WordPress Theme Design
  • Branding and Corporate Identity
  • User Interface Design (UI/UX)
  • Graphic & Print Design
  • Blogging & Social Media
  • Interaction Animation (jQuery/Flash)

i am a developer

  • Responsive Webdesign
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery
  • SASS, LESS, ..
  • PHP, MySQL Website Development
  • WordPress Development
  • Information Architecture
  • SEO

i am a chameleon

  • Branding and Corporate Identity
  • User Interaction
  • User Experience
  • Usability
  • Using WordPress as CMS
  • Speaking on Webdesign
  • Communications passionate (web/mobile/opensource)


I work or worked for these companies and brands on all kinds of projects, designing the web, print, logo's or developing code.

working for:

  • Digipolis
  • Studio100
  • Sony
  • VAIO
  • Nascom
  • Darwin BBDO
  • Hill+Knowlton Strategies

worked for these guys:

  • Unicef
  • Software Advies
  • Alligence Communications
  • Telenet Business
  • Internet Architects
  • Cipal
  • Big Media Group

and for these as well:

  • These Days Y&R
  • Acerta
  • Hyundai
  • Famous
  • Agfa
  • Rosy Blue
  • Jupiler
  • Photo Studio Graphics

Recent Works

Take a look at some recent projects (web / print / ..)

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Unicef website consultancy & development

For the new to be built Unicef website, I got the request to fill in the role of frontend developer, WordPress theme developer and general WordPress consultant to make a static design come to life and function as it should. This involved checking and revising the frontend work that was done til then, make adaptations and different page templates and test and fix certain templates and behaviours. One of the things we stumbled upon in the beginning was the initial choice for qTranslate collided with a good SEO approach, so we […]


Front-end development for Sony Alpha 7 campaign

Short overview of the front-end work I produced for Sony online Store, with build process, translations and responsive images generator


Mobile friendly website Cancer Drug Development Forum

After another successful project (SIOPE), the people involved decided to hire me back again for the development of another mobile-friendly, clean website with a strong visual style which would be easy to manage by their communication officers. The CDDF site should serve as a communication platform between stakeholders, academia, regulatory authorities, policymakers etc to improve the efficiency of cancer drug development. After an initial kickoff meeting and run-through of the materials at hand, I setup a blank WordPress install for the CDDF content officers to fill. That way I could design […]


Recently Published Blogposts

I've also been blogging, have a read of my latest posts. Usually revolving around web design, technology, mobile etc..

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Responsible Web Design – Talk WordCampNL 2014

In 2012 I talked about Responsive Web Design at WordCampNL, a methodology about which I was very convinced at the time, and meanwhile the rest of the world too. This year I wanted to take the acronym a step further and gave it a slightly different meaning, Responsible Web Design (or Rant on Web Design). With that definition I want to step away from the purely technical side of things, but focus more on UX, design and content and how they fit together from a user- and frontend-perspective. User Experience […]


WordPress & how to best manage specific content

WordPress is great .. but .. I’ve been working with WordPress for 6 years or something. And most of the times that’s a bunch of fun, and I always find a way to make something work, but… some stuff is still a bit hard to do (or I’m not aware of a better method). And sometimes, it’s hard to choose on which tradeoffs to make. With the arrival of Custom Post Types in 3.0 the Managing of Content in our System became a lot more powerful for instance, but it doesn’t […]


IFTTT : If this, then that : automatiseer je digitale leven

IFTTT : Put the internet to work for you. Sinds een paar jaar gebruik ik een webservice die misschien voor velen van jullie nog relatief nieuw is : IFTTT.. euh.. wat ? IFTTT staat voor If This Then That, oftewel, Als Dit Dan Dat. Met deze IFTTT tutorial wil ik even laten zien wat het is, hoe het werkt en wat je ermee kan doen Het gaat hier eigenlijk over een webservice die twee andere webservices koppelt met een simpele regel: “als dit gebeurt, doe dan dat”. Een webservice is letterlijk […]