Learning JavaScript / WP REST API talk at WordCamp NL

The subject is way too broad to cover in a 20-25′ talk but I hope you get the gist that with the advent of the WordPress REST API many opportunities open up regarding building a site. And more importantly, decoupling your frontend from WordPress itself, making it a store or a platform for your data to communicate with with various tools, but mainly JavaScript. Consider this the tl;dr.

First part of the presentation is a bit borrowed from earlier presentations e.g. the Star Wars themed REST API talk at WordCamp Antwerp, to get everyone on board on what an API is, what REST means or how it manifestates itself and the second part a few examples, work-in-progress and demo and pointers to resources for learning JavaScript more deeply.

If you have questions, or want to get in touch for projects that could well use this approach, please do. 

Slides are here:

Learning JavaScript / WP REST API talk Slides

Video is available at WordCamp.tv

Regarding theme of the presentation, since I’ve become a huge Stranger Things fan and since JavaScript itself is sometimes a force of nature I don’t really grasp, I thought it was appropriate to use these images, along with stuff from Halt And Catch Fire, E.T., Star Wars, etc ..

Useful links

An article exploring the different viable JS MVC frameworks

REST API Content Endpoints get merged in WP 4.7

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