My view on responsive webdesign after Responsive Day Out 2013

March 1st I attended #responsiveconf in Brighton. A place where a lot of web industry professionals gathered to learn and discuss the state of Responsive Web Design almost 3 years after Ethan Marcotte’s article on AListApart. The conference was one of the best I attended, regarding talks, way the whole day was setup (3 small talks + small Q&A session and then pause). Kudos to all presenters and Jeremy Keith in particular.

Whether you’re a seasoned RWD using WebDesigner, just starting out or somewhere “in between”, the conference had a bunch of speakers who catered to all these audiences, and no distinction between designer or developer was made.

The guestpost I wrote on it is quite lengthy, covers all (but one) speaker’s notes and gives a good notion on what they talked about, the objectives and ways to get there they presented and is a great resource on RWD and Webdesign in general.
If you want to read it, or comment on it (you can do that here as well): here it is


However, it is quite lengthy, so if you want the TL;DR

  • We should keep UI consistency between different viewports
  • We should focus on content-first and design from the content out
  • We should embrace mobile-first and progressive enhancement
  • Performance and speed is a key part of UX, so keep page load low
  • Meaning is our baseline. Design is an enhancement. Ads are leftovers. Death to Bullshit.
  • Breakpoints should serve the UX, serve the content (and not the device, think future friendly)
  • Try a fluid, modular approach, context-agnostic
  • Tools, conventions, workflows and processes may be behind and up for renewal, but that doesn’t mean we’re winging it.

Even more TL;DR

In Responsive Web Design, adaptation is key.
It applies to our end result, our tools, our processes and the conventions we’re used to.
And that does not always go well

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