Responsible Web Design – Talk WordCampNL 2014

In 2012 I talked about Responsive Web Design at WordCampNL, a methodology about which I was very convinced at the time, and meanwhile the rest of the world too.

This year I wanted to take the acronym a step further and gave it a slightly different meaning, Responsible Web Design (or Rant on Web Design). With that definition I want to step away from the purely technical side of things, but focus more on UX, design and content and how they fit together from a user- and frontend-perspective. User Experience is a field that touches so much disciplines in Web Design and Development, and certainly now with a multitude of devices there’s often more need for thought before techniques.

A few extra notes I think I forgot during the presentation or was misunderstood by: I don’t want to kill Photoshop. But it should be used for what it is designed for. Creating awesome graphics. HTML/CSS works better for prototyping because of the reasons I mentioned in the presentation. I also don’t want to kill all designers. I consider myself a designer, so that would be – literally – suicide ;)
With the presentation I want people to think on howto make the web better, and in the process, improve their ‘process’.. euhm.. let’s use workflow here. This wordplay is getting out of hand. Let’s move to the video and slides.

If you have questions or comments, please leave ’em after this article.


Video (in Dutch) is recorded and can be watched here (originally a livestream, so no HD unfortunately):


Slides are in English

Start the presentation on Responsible Web Design (opens new tab)


This talk was presented in 2014 at WordPress Meetup Antwerp and at WordCamp NL. Thanks to the organizers for letting me rant, and please follow them

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