Dual monitor setup to stop procrastination

Since I’m more into freelancing nowadays, I decided on expanding my setup with an extra screen. I already knew that it was necessary longtime, but I’m glad I waited before plunging the cash into it. ‘Cause last week I saw picture at some hackathon where a guy (@stijnj)┬áhad an extra monitor setup in portrait mode, giving you enough screen-space to display a website full-width (screen-width = 1080px, websites usually under 1002px), but a lot more height. Extra benefit is that you can have firebug or google chrome element inspector open at the same time and don’t have to scroll like you do when using your monitor at the regular 1920×1080. I thought: perfect for webdesign, not only for print design .. (which I do occasionally as well)

I’m just starting testing this setup, I think it’ll help by not needing changing programs that much, due to the dual screen setup and the mentioned extra screen-size for CSS editing and bugfixing. Also for the occasional poster design this ‘ll come in handy as well.

I told myself to just finish the shit. So I did.

And more coincidence than pre-thought, a friend of mine posted a pic of the Einmusik 12″-cover for ‘Kleine Nachtmusik’ with the following text “I told myself to just finish the shit. So I did” yesterday on his Facebook Wall.

I was thinking that it was a perfect slogan to fight procrastination, so I made a wallpaper out of it for the new screen. The woman looking like “phew, why didn’t I do that earlier” is Hedy Lamarr btw.

I also made the wallpaper in landscape size, if you like to download ’em, use the links below.

Landscape version (1920x1080px) / Portrait version (1080x1920px)


FYI: the monitor left is the iiyama E2407HDS, the right one is the iiyama B2409HDS, both nice monitors for a reasonable price.

  1. Ramon Fincken

    Welcome to the dual monitor club Tom :) We’ve been expecting you.
    Feel free to upgrade as VIP to the triple monitor club, I am also a member there.

    ps: your content and archives in FireFox are eh .. well you should look into that ;)

    • tomhermans

      Yeah, triple monitor .. gotta expand my desk first then ;)
      about the theme and Firefox, I know .. (hadn’t had the time to get around to it), but I’m developing a new theme alltogether that will fix it.
      (but who uses Firefox when there’s Google Chrome right ? ;) )


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