Talk at WordCamp Belgium about the WordPress REST API

Shortly after I attended WordCamp San Francisco in 2010, and after I had a talk there with Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, I began to tinker with the idea of organising a Belgian WordCamp. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of people to reach out to, and the ones I contacted remained a bit hesitant about putting some effort in.

Fast forward to 2016 and skipping a few meetings with like-minded folks whom I met after speaking at the Dutch WordCamp and on other occasions, it is happening! Yay! Some folks, mostly people involved in the Brussels and Antwerp meetup groups, where I’m involved in as well, put their heads together, found a location, talked for hours in long hangout meetings and are now a week away from the first Belgian WordCamp ever. Since I have a lot on my plate with this business, my work for a few big clients, and a family with three young kids, I mainly worked on the branding and communication of the event, communication with the speakers, as well as vetting their talks and discussions with the group how to handle things best, while Veerle and Dave, the hosts of the Antwerp WPMeetup group handled the big picture.

But, I will also be speaking at the event. So, if you want to learn a thing or two about WordPress, about site development, or especially my topic, howto utilize WordPress as a solid platform for an app or a single page application, how the WordPress REST API and what can be done with MVC JavaScript frameworks, there are still some last tickets available.

Or just come and say hi, have a chat with a nice Belgian beer.

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