Pukkelpop Play : prelisten the lineup YouTube Spotify Google Music #pkp17 #pkp16 #pkp15 chrome extension

Update 25/07/2017: the chrome extension has moved to the chrome webstore and can be easily installed here: Install the Pukkelpop Play Lineup now! find chrome extension here WHY & HOW ? Since I am a pretty avid music fan, a regular Pukkelpop visitor and a web developer/ux designer, I like my music as my technology, new, exciting and innovative. And working in webdevelopment and UX and browsing the web 24/7 made me pretty critical too on how things should work […]

Learning JavaScript / WP REST API talk at WordCamp NL

The subject is way too broad to cover in a 20-25′ talk but I hope you get the gist that with the advent of the WordPress REST API many opportunities open up regarding building a site. And more importantly, decoupling your frontend from WordPress itself, making it a store or a platform for your data to communicate with with various tools, but mainly JavaScript. Consider this the tl;dr. First part of the presentation is a bit borrowed from earlier presentations […]

Things I use to get things done

It’s been a while since I saw a post about what people use to get their stuff done. Be it hardware, software, tools or other stuff, simply to “get things done”. A few weeks ago I attended a meetup where some people and myself shared their setup, tools and yesterday I came across Todd Motto’s setup, so thought about sharing mine in a blogpost as well. Mine will be longer, but I try to only use one tool for one […]

Talk at WordCamp Belgium about the WordPress REST API

Shortly after I attended WordCamp San Francisco in 2010, and after I had a talk there with Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, I began to tinker with the idea of organising a Belgian WordCamp. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of people to reach out to, and the ones I contacted remained a bit hesitant about putting some effort in. Fast forward to 2016 and skipping a few meetings with like-minded folks whom I met after speaking at the Dutch […]

Intro to the WordPress REST API

Last Monday I presented a talk on the awesome WordPress REST API at WordPress Meetup Antwerp, the API where lots of people were waiting for some time and is available since last year. I myself went to London end of January for a Day Of Rest, a conference completely dedicated to WordPress and the many usages of the REST API, how it came to be and what the possibilities and pitfalls are when deploying it in a real project. So […]

AJAX & WordPress for Frontend Editing

Small showcase presentation about adding AJAX functionality to a WordPress site. Why is AJAX useful, how can it be applied, what can be done with it.
It is interesting when you don’t want people accessing the backend, but still have them contribute, by writing, uploading, voting etc. Therefore you see a lot of AJAX functionality in sites which thrive on user-generated content, like e.g. Pinterest, Facebook, Gmail etc.. Read further how you can apply these techniques to leverage your site as well

Responsible Web Design – Talk WordCampNL 2014

In 2012 I talked about Responsive Web Design at WordCampNL, a methodology about which I was very convinced at the time, and meanwhile the rest of the world too. This year I wanted to take the acronym a step further and gave it a slightly different meaning, Responsible Web Design (or Rant on Web Design). With that definition I want to step away from the purely technical side of things, but focus more on UX, design and content and how […]

WordPress & how to best manage specific content

WordPress is great .. but .. I’ve been working with WordPress for 6 years or something. And most of the times that’s a bunch of fun, and I always find a way to make something work, but… some stuff is still a bit hard to do (or I’m not aware of a better method). And sometimes, it’s hard to choose on which tradeoffs to make. With the arrival of Custom Post Types in 3.0 the Managing of Content in our System […]

IFTTT : If this, then that : automatiseer je digitale leven

IFTTT : Put the internet to work for you. Sinds een paar jaar gebruik ik een webservice die misschien voor velen van jullie nog relatief nieuw is : IFTTT.. euh.. wat ? IFTTT staat voor If This Then That, oftewel, Als Dit Dan Dat. Met deze IFTTT tutorial wil ik even laten zien wat het is, hoe het werkt en wat je ermee kan doen Het gaat hier eigenlijk over een webservice die twee andere webservices koppelt met een simpele regel: […]