Miele E-Commerce

With the great people at Osudio, especially Rudy, I worked along their frontend development team to get the new Miele marketing and e-commerce site live. Together with Rudy I was responsible to translate the designs into…

UX for Q-Park

For the new European websites for Q-Park I worked as a Business Analyst / UX designer with Cegeka for Q-Park. After many talks with Q-Park HQ marketing executives I developed a set of HTML wireframes…
Yelo Play screens

Telenet Yelo TV web app front end development

Currently I'm working as a FrontEnd Developer on Yelo TV, the online television platform of Belgian's top telecommunications provider Telenet which lets people watch their favourite shows online, manage recordings, replay episodes or order or…

Restyling Stylinglab

Stylinglab is a duo of two style minded woman, eager to create your personal appearance, help you with your image or do personal shopping for you. As such, they are invested in how to get…

Crembl app website with WordPress

Crembl takes the hassle out of paperwork. And if you know me, you know I don't like paperwork. Digital is my middle name. So when the people of Crembl approached me in helping out with building…

Single page real estate website on WordPress

For the project Domo Luno, which will consist of two separate buildings, on different locations in Mechelen, I thought of a single page split-screen website, making it a sort of double one-pager. The visual guide…

Sony E-Commerce journey UX prototype

To establish a better experience for mobile and tablet users, we, that is the UX team I worked in at Sony from 2010-2014, devised a prototype for the E-Commerce journey. Roughly translated, it meant re-building…

Axe website

For Axe, the well-known brand of deodorants, bodyspray and stylingproducts, we were asked to build a new website, focusing on lifestyle, music and fashion. Information architecture was already done by HeadOffice, the actual build of…

A Rich News Website

De Rijkste Belgen, til now only available in book format, is a well documented list by financial journalist Ludwig Verduyn. A well established author who previously wrote for De Tijd (Belgiums financial newspaper) and was…

Real Estate module / website Tweemolens

For the to be developed real estate project Tweemolens, comprising two buildings in the Schorsmolen and Korenmolen street, we developed a real estate website which gives the user the possibility to get more information on the…

L’Oreal homepage frontend design & development

For the new website for L'Oréal they asked me to take care of the frontend development for the newly designed homepage. A nice design was provided, and after some back and forth discussion we set…
glaswerken Blockx onepager website single page

Glaswerken Blockx static single page website

For Glaswerken Blockx I devised a clean, one page website, which gives his customers and his prospects a clear look on what he does, what kind of services he provides and howto get in touch.…

Unicef website consultancy & development

For the new to be built Unicef website, I got the request to fill in the role of frontend developer, WordPress theme developer and general WordPress consultant to make a static design come to life…

Building a UX frontend framework for government apps

Late 2014 I got aboard a great UX/frontend team in Antwerp, devised with the task of preparing a set of unified blocks to build more rapidly government apps, some administration facing, some citizen facing. The…

Front-end development for Sony Alpha 7 campaign

From 2010 til now I worked for Sony, the Japanese electronics giant, as designer / front-end dev in the UX-team, mostly involved in E-Commerce campaigns, trying to emphasize the specific qualities of the product at…
Eat Good WordPress website by freelance specialist Tom Hermans

Eat & Feel Good WordPress site & blog

The people behind Eat Good Feel Good, a nutritionist and a physical coach wanted to update their existing online presence. Via TONC I got to build a new brand identity and online personality based on…

Contest for Paris ICI XL

Paris ICI XL wanted to help their customers in the journey to choose the products they distribute for various types of skin, people and preferences. No boring questionnaire but more a type of game where…
WordPress theme

Studio100 TV Show website

Studio 100, one of Belgium's biggest entertainment companies, certainly for kids, contacted me for a quick-start project revolving around a teenage music school, where mystery happens. Since they weren't satisified with their current websites' CMS possibilities,…

KMO website landscape architect

Wim Hendriks, landscape architect by profession contacted me about extending his brand online. He got questions of existing and potential clients on how to reach him online and he'd built a nice portfolio over the years.…
Prinsessia! Studio100 webdesign tomhermans

Prinsessia, a royal custom WordPress theme

For Studio100 I already built the Ghostrockers site, which also had to serve as a launch platform for other TV Series, among which Heidi, Wickie the Viking and Prinsessia. An assignment where I scored triple…

Mobile friendly website Cancer Drug Development Forum

After another successful project (SIOPE), the people involved decided to hire me back again for the development of another mobile-friendly, clean website with a strong visual style which would be easy to manage by their…

Sony Action Cam E-commerce campaign

The yearly IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) is the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, and together with CES in Las Vegas one of the times a year Sony announced and showcased multiple products…
wordpress portfolio nunam tom hermans freelance expert

WordPress freelance consultancy

For this specific project the team of Laure and Wouter already had a pretty good idea on how to build their web site, what it should cover (information and movies), how it should look (clean…

Baby website with CSS3 animations

Since my girlfriend and I became the parents of a lovely daughter, we designed and illustrated the card ourselves, made the treats to hand out etc. And a baby website of course! We always worked…

Custom Responsive WordPress Website for INIA

Inia is a highly experienced integrator of advanced Unified Communications solutions (UC), from voice and networks over applications to mobility. Together with their in-house team I built a new, easy to manage responsive website suitable for tablets…

Il Cuoco pizza web app

For Il Cuoco, the best local pizza shop, I got the request to build a small site for a small budget. This was before Responsive Web Design was a common thing, so I grabbed the…

Online resume Tom Hermans (curriculum vitae)

In the beginning of this year Sony, the company I consulted for over the past 3,5 years, announced big cuts, and indirectly that led to a change in partners, agencies and such. The team I worked…
ITOC Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference

Conference website ITOC

For ITOC I did the project analysis, webdesign and theme development for their conference site, an annual meetup of professionals in the field of Immunotherapy of Cancer. Basically the site consists of the announcement of…

Responsive Corporate web design

Ensa, the European natural Soy and plant based manufacturers requested a complete revamp of their outdated website. They represent the soy producers of soy drinks, desserts, variations to cream and yoghurt etc, all producing according…

WordPress magazine website

For the Jersey Islands' Rural Jersey website, a quarterly magazine that focuses on the Jersey rural environment, culture and community, I was hired to consult on a few issues the site was having. Navigation, Category…

Birkenhead High school website

Built parts and consulted on this school website as a freelance web subcontractor. Parts of the site were already live and I was asked to complete the work, making it feasible to choose different layouts per…

Website for European Society of Paediatric Oncology

For the European Society of Paediatric Oncology, we built a new, clean redesigned site on a budget. Ready to launch right before the European Cancer conference in Amsterdam. SIOP Europe's mission is to integrate Research,…

Sputnik Media TV WordPress consultancy

For Sputnik Media I was hired as a web/WordPress consultant to help troubleshoot their existing site, WordPress theme and to add some custom code to make certain things possible and to make some plugins behave…

Photographer Portfolio Site

For my old and good friend Manu, who became a really good photographer while I wasn't looking, I built this clean photographer's portfolio site. Manu wanted it to be clean, I wanted it to be…

Vesalius College responsive website

Vesalius College contacted us to re-build their existing website. An ongoing redesign in Drupal completely failed, and they had to move quickly to get the new website online before the next academic year, especially for…

Lingerie Fashion responsive website

Simple website for Lingerie Fashion Lommel, a local store with two outlets. The owner wanted a attractive site, which reflected her company look and style and gave her the opportunity to easily switch and add…

Website Graphic Designer Bart Luijten

A good friend and great designer, mainly specialising in print, magazines and big books asked me to help him with his new portfolio site. The idea he had in mind was pretty well-defined, and being…

Website Interior Design

EXID, a team of exceptional interior developers, a simple website was built, with focus on their projects and accessibility on mobile and tablet devices. Design was done by Ken Bekaert of Frozenyogurt and together we…

Wintersport website HighlifePlus in WordPress

I built this complete site while I was employed at PSG. The inital idea we had was to enhance the SEO of the existing site, a 4-page, low-info, not-updated overview of what the magazine had…

Mailing Alain Afflelou

For optician Alain Afflelou I designed this mailing, standards compliant, and tested in various webclients so that they could send this out without issues. (So not one big image or too fancy HTML/CSS markup)
Artifex advocaten - het kantoor voor de creatieve sector

Artifex Advocaten single page website design

For the website of Artifex Advocaten I took good advice to heart, starting the whole process from the inside out, starting with the content, and letting the form and shape of the site be decided…

UX, Responsive Design and WordPress for Arctic Response Technology

Site built for the investigation of oil drilling in the arctic. My role in this project was design, UX/UI and front-end coding + later the hookup with a customized backend system, WordPress in this case…
Aloka Liefrink   website van Vlaamse schrijfster Aloka Liefrink

website writer Aloka Liefrink

For a promising novel writer, who had an aged website, I developed this easy to maintain blog-like - but not blog-look-alike - website where she promotes the books she's written and the events she takes…
Promotion page   HDR AS15 Action Cam   BE

Web Campaign Sony Action Cam

One of the latest projects I was involved in at Sony, was the Action Cam campaign. I was not solely responsible for this campaign, mind you. Mostly involved in graphics and front-end work, HTML, CSS,…

Responsive Event site

These event organizers bring you all kinds of parties, in every theme. I built 'em a custom responsive, mobile-first WordPress theme, with nice automatic NextGen powered galleries, easily maintainable and minimal black and white design…
gezondgezin   weightwatchers gezondgezin

Weight Watchers website

Campaign site for a Weight Watchers publication, custom built WordPress theme, full website configuration and integration of subscription form with automailer.

Sony Europe

For the last year I've been working in the UX team at Sony for the e-commerce platform. Building campaigns and helping out with frontend coding and design.
Oasisfun.be   Oasisfun.be

Oasis Fun WordPress website

Fun Oasis campaign website built on WordPress with multi language support. Also very fun to do. In this project I worked with the excellent people of Darwin BBDO agency, who needed extra freelance design &…

Jupiler Facebook Page app

For Famous'  Jupiler campaign Big Times I helped them built a custom Facebook app, by pixel-perfect crafting a single HTML / CSS frontend which then could serve as Facebook app. The app became visible after…

Sony VAIO Touch campaign page

This campaign was built for the introduction of the new VAIO range, directly in HTML, no Photoshop mockups were made for this. Straight wireframe in HTML/CSS (with LESS pre-processor) and asset production in Photoshop. After…

Sony Audio speaker online campaign

For a European campaign on Sony audio speakers we developed this small landing page campaign which shows (then) three iPod/iPad/iPhone compatible devices. Simple, clear, with a few nice transitions to switch the models or the…
weightwatchers health services.be

Responsive HTML5 microsite

Small microsite for Weight Watchers focusing on health coaching, with a nice design, custom built responsive HTML5 WordPress theme, full website configuration and integrated courses search engine. All set up in WordPress pages, with a…

website Aardappel.be

For this WordPress website I got hired as consultant/problem-solver. Design stage was over, but lots needed to be done in regards to coding the template, bugfixing, making sure everything lined up, users got referred to…
Hyundai i40 -A

Hyundai i40 Campaign Frontend development

For Famous I designed and coded a multilingual campaign landing page for Hyundai, the i40 model. I did all custom frontend code HTML / CSS / JS, based on a mockup I received and I…

webdesign Petit Rouge relaxhotel

While at my former employer, PSG, I created this small site for the Socialist health services. They have a number of resorts where children and families can have a holiday for very reasonable prices. This one…

WAC Real Estate Immo website

Custom-built WordPress based Real Estate site which is easily maintained by the client. Tony can enter new properties, be it houses, apartments or just land. Add pictures and add all necessary immo details for each…

Business video website Manager-TV

Business video website I built - on WordPress - while at BMG. This website was built in 2008, a custom WordPress theme built with extra functionality to make it easy for people not too familiar…
website maffidjoosi

website pizzeria maffidjoosi

Small showcase website maffidjoosi.be gangsta-style, also designed the logo
logo Antwerpen Basket

Antwerpen Basket

Logo & branding for "Antwerpen Basket", event to promote sports in the streets

Media Plus

One of the first WordPress projects I built was this job application site. Media Plus recruits young dynamic salespeople to work for international media publications.
Petit Rouge

Petit Rouge website

Small website for seaside resort PetitRouge (de voorzorg) for families. Powered by WordPress, custom built theme while working at PSG. http://www.petitrouge.be