play music, make people dance

this has always been my credo, regardless of the style of party or genre of music I’m playing. I started DJ’ing at 16-17 years old at friends’ parties, then got picked up by a local bar owner to play bigger parties, youth organizations contacted me, other bar owners for a residency, small festivals and now we’re back to mostly private parties.

But the credo remains. Play good music, make people dance.

Genres range from (alternative) rock to disco, from house to drum ‘n bass and throw in some ska, reggae, funk, punk, 70s-80s and new wave in between.


If you want to get in touch, use the contactform here.


Some mixtapes I’ve done (all recorded live, no computer software or anything, real vinyl and cd’s and manual mixing) can be found on Mixcloud
Genres are mostly dance-oriented here though, no rock/punk/wave or anything in these.