Axe website

For Axe, the well-known brand of deodorants, bodyspray and stylingproducts, we were asked to build a new website, focusing on lifestyle, music and fashion.
Information architecture was already done by HeadOffice, the actual build of the site we discussed with them, opting for full AJAX navigation, homepage videoplayer, multi-language, masonry layout, infinite scroll, contests with and without Spotify Connect, music player, and some nifty animation and transitions in navigation, hover effects and so on.
Preferrably built with WordPress as backoffice, since they already were proficient with that.

In a few weeks time we discovered a lot of what Spotify Connect actually is, howto hook it into the flow, howto fetch new posts without breaking the masonry layout etc.
We also provided a simple way to separate regular contests from Spotify or Zalando contests, how they could build specific call to actions in in various blog posts, use the WordPress gallery for a custom slideshow viewer, order the posts with various tags for different sized blocks in the masonry layout and so on.

A seemingly simple site, but with enough little differences and features to put our teeth in.

We launched on time and with a satisfied client who immediately got a lot of traffic and signups and participants for the contests they regularly organize.

It was a nice collaboration with the people at HeadOffice who managed the project and gave feedback in every step of the project and my coder in crime Veerle, and we got the compliments of other Unilever offices who want to port the site so they can adapt and use it.

Take a look at the Axe site here