Business video website Manager-TV

Business video website I built – on WordPress – while at BMG.

This website was built in 2008, a custom WordPress theme built with extra functionality to make it easy for people not too familiar with webdesign to upload video and manage a business video website. Complete concept and design was built by me, as well as the front-end code, and consequently the integration with the WordPress platform. Since a while the site has been removed, but even if the design in the image looks a bit outdated now (in 2013), it still looks a lot better than some existing ones online nowadays imho.

Since mostly city reports and a few separate business video’s were online, we thought of  a simple navigation through categories and tags. A bit similar like YouTube presented it’s video’s at the time with a component that proposes related video’s, according to subject, sector or geographic link. The website and concept was – and is, I presume –  a huge success.