Contest for Paris ICI XL

Paris ICI XL wanted to help their customers in the journey to choose the products they distribute for various types of skin, people and preferences. No boring questionnaire but more a type of game where you choose the state of your legs, buttocks or exercising habits to get the advice or product which would help achieve the goal (a beautiful body of course).

4 games and one selection page to choose between the four, in 2 languages, French and Dutch, since they catered for the Belgian market.

We set up a project with a clean boilerplate, defined styling derived from the given mockups, both desktop and mobile, and used a Twig HTML template to stuff the pages with content. Rather than hooking a server into this, we opted for a JavaScript solution, connecting questions and corresponding answers, showing the latter after people submitted their answers. This provided us with much more flexibility and eliminated the need to talk to developers at ICI Paris XL on howto manage content, server calls etc. And which made it that we could get the briefing, think of a solution, built one prototype to test and revise upon and stuff all questions, answers, product images and CTA links in a few days time. Briefed on Friday, online on Tuesday.