Crembl app website with WordPress

Crembl takes the hassle out of paperwork. And if you know me, you know I don’t like paperwork. Digital is my middle name.
So when the people of Crembl approached me in helping out with building their website I was more than happy to lend them my ear.

The objective was a site with an attractive site landingpage, with clear call to actions, one page to explain everything more in detail and a sort of FAQ which could be easily expanded. Clear and to the point.
I didn’t use any fancy WordPress page builder tools which only add a bunch of bloat to the code but rather opted for one-pager functionality by simply making clever queries on pages and their children, building in several options to change the layout of each page, or rather, section within a page. So that meant more custom coding, but the end result is nicer and more according to the styleguide.

This makes it much easier to translate, to duplicate, to sort or just to edit in a simple overview.

Rest of my work entailed mostly the frontend style design coding ( grunt/sass/foundation setup ), image editing and making sure everything looks great and it also works nice on tablets and other mobile devices and making use of SVG where possible to get crispy icons on every screen. And configuring the best way to translate their site.


Working with this project and client was a breeze. Glad to see this go live.