Eat & Feel Good WordPress site & blog

The people behind Eat Good Feel Good, a nutritionist and a physical coach wanted to update their existing online presence. Via TONC I got to build a new brand identity and online personality based on the values they represent and the way they want to communicate.

A blog is very adviseable in that regard, and a newsletter subscription as well. Even coupled with auto updates when new blog articles appear. Since the site is WordPress driven, all that can be wished for is there in this setup. Coupled with the custom design and WordPress theme I developed, I think we got onto a very clean and ‘healthy’ layout.

Extra styling options was setup in the backend to quickly provide the website editor with extra possibilities as boxes and various call to actions, more bulleted lists etc

As said, this was a pretty straightforward web project, with one extra custom development feature, being the automailer when new blogposts get published to a list of subscribers.

Eat Good WordPress website by freelance specialist Tom Hermans