Glaswerken Blockx static single page website

For Glaswerken Blockx I devised a clean, one page website, which gives his customers and his prospects a clear look on what he does, what kind of services he provides and howto get in touch. Simple, straight to the point.

A nice header image focusing on his work with SEO optimized text, a very concise menu, a section highlighting the benefits of the products he creates and sells, and the product sections themselves, a short note about the company and some more portfolio work and references. Concluding the single page website, or onepager as we usually call it, with all possible ways to get in touch.

A nice project to work on, single page, focused design on content, no CMS, basically pure frontend development and design, just static HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Sometimes you don’t have to dazzle with effects and web trickery, but just let an honest business speak for itself.

glaswerken Blockx onepager website single page