Il Cuoco pizza web app

For Il Cuoco, the best local pizza shop, I got the request to build a small site for a small budget.

This was before Responsive Web Design was a common thing, so I grabbed the opportunity to propose that I got carte blanche and could do the site however I saw fit, using RWD for the first time and build an app like site.

Too often I see sites of restaurants that completely miss to offer the things their visitors, and ultimately their customers, look for. That is opening hours, location, address, telephone number and menu. Certainly in the case of a pizzeria that is setup for take away.

So I decided to reduce the interface to a minimum, starting mobile first with a one column layout and giving the visitor a logo that doubles as a home button, a marker for location (links to google maps or your nav app on mobile), a telephone button which connects to your dial app and the menu, separated in 3 tabs, for each food category, with name, ingredients and price.
In the desktop version an extra column is added where the owners address their customers.

WordPress and Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies are used to build specific categories of food and shared ingredients, making it easy for the owners to adjust prices and remove or add dishes to the website, or app, whatever you want to call it.

Visit and order delicious pizza and pasta at Il Cuoco (Italian for The Cook) here