Lingerie Fashion responsive website

Simple website for Lingerie Fashion Lommel, a local store with two outlets. The owner wanted a attractive site, which reflected her company look and style and gave her the opportunity to easily switch and add information and pictures. We chose for a dark background, with subtle pattern in brown, which complements the existing purple (and green) logo and font very well.

The whole project was built from a mobile first approach, some time ago actually, the project was put on hold for a while. Nevertheless, the client now has a flexible system with which she and her partner can adjust quickly pictures, text and collections to what’s currently in store. Since the whole project started from mobile-first, a responsive website was the way to go. It’s the most simplest of responsive designs, but it works, and all that for a very reasonable budget.

This site is currently no longer online. Just FYI, cause the current POS is not my work.