Baby website with CSS3 animations

Since my girlfriend and I became the parents of a lovely daughter, we designed and illustrated the card ourselves, made the treats to hand out etc. And a baby website of course!

We always worked with a theme too, also because we never knew whether it was gonna be a boy or a girl. For Kaat it was summer and beaches, and cute fishies and birds. With Astrid we decided to go for a jungle theme with lots of dense leaved woods, elephants and monkeys.

CSS3, Javascript, WordPress

And for our third baby, we chose a autumn forest theme, with a fox and bunnies and an owl. The site was setup a bit simpler at first, but later on I added a few niceties like the moving clouds and the swinging bunny swing with CSS3 animations, no Javascript or jQuery was used. I also wrote a PHP script to check the time, so there’s a day and night mode, which means you’ll see a darkened forest when you visit the site at night. And further, there’s an ajaxified guestbook and some custom controls in the WordPress backend to set the size of the image, border width, color of the title etc.. so the blog posts can be differentiated a bit more.

These projects are fun to work on since it’s for your own child and Lore deserves the same effort as we spent on the other girl’s sites. Furthermore it’s a nice archive for her and a way to preserve the domain name already.

Visit Lore’s site here