Online resume Tom Hermans (curriculum vitae)

In the beginning of this year Sony, the company I consulted for over the past 3,5 years, announced big cuts, and indirectly that led to a change in partners, agencies and such. The team I worked in and the UX lead wanted me to stay, but that also meant I had to re-apply for my job..

It also meant brushing up the resume.

Bored of editing (again) an Indesign file that served me well over the last 10 years, I decided to throw everything away, start fresh, online only, responsive and powered through WordPress. And I had only 5-6 hours to do it.

So designing in the browser, making use of strong typography, a few shots I’d taken in the office of prototypes wall and one of myself sporting the Google glass, while at a Userlab in London, and with a minimal touch of color and some transparancy effects, I wrote the whole thing.

Although improvements are surely possible, I’m quite glad on how it turned out, the ease of updating immediately and without constraints in pages or page layouts. Next up.. this site.

Check out my online resume to see what I’m capable of, what I’ve done before and for whom here >