Prinsessia, a royal custom WordPress theme

For Studio100 I already built the Ghostrockers site, which also had to serve as a launch platform for other TV Series, among which Heidi, Wickie the Viking and Prinsessia. An assignment where I scored triple bonus points with my oldest daughter, who is a big fan of the series, which depicts the adventures of 5 girls who attend Princess school. They learn to dance and sing and behave like a princess should. All very ‘royal’ but mostly girly of course.

Visual design guide was perfectly delivered – as usual – by the impressive Studio100 design team, and the base setup, regarding frontend code (theme) and backend customisation (content setup, custom post types, etc) of a WordPress cms was in place. So it was refining the details of the WordPress theme, choosing the content modules, switching assets and re-generating the cleverly built Sass setup to create a whole new theme, frontend or site as you wish. The result is a pretty, pink, dreamy one-pager which perfectly caters for their fans who can play games, watch video and view and download pictures.

See the Prinsessia website here

Prinsessia! Studio100 webdesign tomhermans