Responsive Corporate web design

Ensa, the European natural Soy and plant based manufacturers requested a complete revamp of their outdated website.
They represent the soy producers of soy drinks, desserts, variations to cream and yoghurt etc, all producing according to a natural traditional production process.
With this in mind, the assignment came down to a modern, corporate, responsive website, easy to maintain and properly functioning on mobile devices.

A well-defined and properly outlined guide was already prepared by their team, which made the Information Architecture phase fairly simple and short. Regarding design, frontend coding and the configuration of the backend CMS (WordPress) they relied on me as their professional partner.
So I began proposing designs, choosing ‘natural’ colors as green and beige, while incorporating their blue logo to keep the overall communication consistent.
Prototyping and design was partly done in the browser, so the responsive layout could be tested immediately, and enhancements and a few versions with different accents were designed in Photoshop first.

Later in the project we decided to make a nicer and more informative landing (home)page, which initially caused some UX issues, but which were adressed after some discussions and eventually make for a much improved first sight of what ENSA is and does.

Meanwhile their team finished up on editing the content and pictures were selected. Little documentation of WordPress and the architecture or customisations were needed and they managed to fill the complete site with the content so I could quickly see how the design worked with the actual content.
In the end the agile workflow worked very well, since the very modular approach small changes could be implemented immediately and quick back-and-forths and a few online meetings later we were ready to launch just in time for their annual congress.

Have a look at ENSA’s website here