Restyling Stylinglab

Stylinglab is a duo of two style minded woman, eager to create your personal appearance, help you with your image or do personal shopping for you.

As such, they are invested in how to get your personal brand across.

Unfortunately, their website didn’t cover the type of services they offer anymore, nor did it look attractive, in style, or optimized for mobile. And to top it off, they got hacked as well.

So, after the hack resolved and fixed a few minor bugs, they asked me to redesign and restyle their complete website, while maintaining the original content (with a few modifications here or there). A pretty simple and straightforward approach, keep the content and design from that, with the existing brand and content, but with a new visual guide.

The result is a more task-focused website, optimized for mobile, with larger photography, more readible text and a more business oriented design, while maintaining the fun character of their brand and services.

Relatively quick job, happy client.