Single page real estate website on WordPress

For the project Domo Luno, which will consist of two separate buildings, on different locations in Mechelen, I thought of a single page split-screen website, making it a sort of double one-pager. The visual guide lent itself really well for it, and the initial ideas I didn’t like that much so I proposed this alternative idea. It makes the project stand out and gives it a bit of a wow factor through the smooth css transitions and simplicity of behaviour.

Inside each project has it’s own page with in-page navigation or just by easy scrolling through the sections with information on the different aspects of the estate. An availability module I custom developed is integrated as well, giving the logged in real estate agents more information and capabilities on reserving units and lifting options on units, informing each other on which unit is available or not.

The work was not only the visual design and frontend coding but also included setup, hosting, full configuration, seo optimisation, backend handling of information requests and notifications, and the admin side for the real estate agents, e.g. notifications are being sent to the pool whenever anyone of them makes a sale of puts on option on a unit.

I really like the outcome of this one, since this really started as a Proof of Concept, where the visual guide was integrated, the WordPress CMS was hooked into with custom queries and loops, and finally the real estate module was hooked in, and modified to suit a single page behaviour.

See the Domoluno web project for yourself