Front-end development for Sony Alpha 7 campaign

From 2010 til now I worked for Sony, the Japanese electronics giant, as designer / front-end dev in the UX-team, mostly involved in E-Commerce campaigns, trying to emphasize the specific qualities of the product at hand. In this case, the superb Sony Alpha 7 (and it’s brother and sister, the α7r and α7s ).

For these campaigns we built a library of front-end components, and a workflow where we easily could pick the most suitable ones, build a campaign, and fill them in with nice pictures etc. (When I started there was an extensive Photoshop traject before as well, but the design in the browser approach served us much better, certainly with a solid style guide to back us up)

While at Sony I also scripted a tool to generate responsive images (JSX for Photoshop) so we could reduce the load on smartphones for instance (less heavy images)

And I wrote a translate-script (PHP) which took the Excel-files we got from the translation agency and built 20 different campaigns from the one approved base campaign with one click. This automation sped up the process a lot and made it a lot less error-prone.

I’ll probably dedicate a few posts to the stuff I worked on  for Sony, along with a brief explanation.