Studio100 TV Show website

Studio 100, one of Belgium’s biggest entertainment companies, certainly for kids, contacted me for a quick-start project revolving around a teenage music school, where mystery happens.

Since they weren’t satisified with their current websites’ CMS possibilities, we had a long chat on what their short-term, mid-term and long-term goals were and howto develop quickly a set of base components which could relatively easy be applied to the various sites they run. The Ghostrockers project was a completely new project, and it also needed to serve as the base for future projects, whether they were redesigns or new titles. WordPress was asked for and could fit the requirements, provided we could separate component, component styling and component contents. We could :)

After some quick initial napkin drawings edging out the different components, I switched to the keyboard and started mocking up the thing we envisioned in HTML and CSS, which let us quickly decide and test in various browsers and especially mobile devices, since the demographic they target is mostly kids (and their parents) and the useage of mobile devices (specifically tablets and iPads) is pretty high there.

A ton of Studio100 assets were delivered along with a superdetailed styleguide and some quick back-and-forths led to the first iteration of the show’s site. A full-width video component, an introduction box, a character slider with extra content, an image gallery and the footer. Later an exam got added as well ( by my very knowledgeable partner in crime Veerle). All styled from a basic sass/grunt setup (remember future useage of other projects) and some handy extra functions for backend use made and hooking the specific components to dedicated content containers, this a really quick developed and versatile WordPress theme, or rather site. Later on we re-used this setup on a few dozen other sites, like for the Prinsessia kids show. I’ll add them to the portfolio later.

WordPress theme