UX, Responsive Design and WordPress for Arctic Response Technology

Site built for the investigation of oil drilling in the arctic.
My role in this project was design, UX/UI and front-end coding + later the hookup with a customized backend system, WordPress in this case and a consultant role in this.

Information Architecture stage was more or less done when I entered the project, my job was to make it clear to the visitor which are the main focus points in this research project and how to get to them.
Very nice, and big project to take on. And a great outcome too I might add.

This was the first project of this scale that was built from the ground up in HTML and CSS, – designed in the browser – without any Photoshop work involved. This made for slower start time to viewable designs, but also resulted in very rapid iterations in the design, also for other screensizes as tablet and smartphone. Something the client appreciated a lot.

Image shown here is one of the section front-pages