Website Graphic Designer Bart Luijten

A good friend and great designer, mainly specialising in print, magazines and big books asked me to help him with his new portfolio site. The idea he had in mind was pretty well-defined, and being a graphic designer himself, the front-end coding was precision work at times. Basically it’s a fluid site which has a brick layout, not as chaotic as other pinterest-like sites, but more precise and well-aligned blocks with set sizes. For this purpose I created a system in which he can choose with a two simple dropdowns the image size that gets shown (different formats are auto-generated (imagemick)) and if a gallery needed to be attached to the main image. For instance if it’s a series of spreads of a book or magazine instead of a one-off poster or logo.. This combined with the handy image uploader in WP3+ and a simple sorting system so he can arrange the bricks easily himself makes this a pretty nifty, speedy and handy solution to update the site and still have full control.