Wintersport website HighlifePlus in WordPress

I built this complete site while I was employed at PSG. The inital idea we had was to enhance the SEO of the existing site, a 4-page, low-info, not-updated overview of what the magazine had in store. So the initial plan was to add more articles, news etc to actually have content that would rank in the SERPs.
But, along the way, in various design stages, management kept adding ideas, options, sales-tools, extra info through various suppliers, like e.g. weather reports for each region, along with info on which slopes were open and which not. All these data had to be fetched. I had to write 3 different parsers for that data, one of them was also bought by our Swiss supplier of weather data.
Management also wanted various advertising plans, plain ad banners which are managed through OpenX.
But the main part of development was done in WordPress along with PodsCMS, a system which brought so much more functionality to the CMS, and with various user roles and custom plugins I wrote, it was easy to give various users logins to maintain their own data, according to their role and the advertisement subscription plan they chose.
The site is still live, but I’m afraid maintenance has been a bit sloppy, so can’t be held responsible anymore for any mishaps you see.
I used this site as well in the presentation I did at WordCampNL in 2010 to demonstrate the power of WordPress along with PodsCMS
Site is been maintained by PSG since I left the company in 2011, you can still see it here