Unicef website consultancy & development

For the new to be built Unicef website, I got the request to fill in the role of frontend developer, WordPress theme developer and general WordPress consultant to make a static design come to life and function as it should.

This involved checking and revising the frontend work that was done til then, make adaptations and different page templates and test and fix certain templates and behaviours.

One of the things we stumbled upon in the beginning was the initial choice for qTranslate collided with a good SEO approach, so we decided I’d strip it out, check all and replace it with WPML. This of course had some implications on how the site worked til then.

I also added numerous extra variables and options, choosing for Advanced Custom Fields.

But the main part was the creation and styling of the various different forms and handing them off to a few service providers. For that I used GravityForms and I wrote a lot of custom scripts handling the data. That way data could be fetched and/or be sent off to the service providers with a very API-like way.

Due to health reasons I could not complete the full track I was supposed to, but overall it was one of the nicest projects to work on, especially since the good cause I felt needed supporting, and also the kind people of Unicef and the agency Darwin involved.