WordPress freelance consultancy

For this specific project the team of Laure and Wouter already had a pretty good idea on how to build their web site, what it should cover (information and movies), how it should look (clean one pager with detail pages for their movies). They are after all creative story tellers with a keen eye.

Nevertheless, they are not coders, and they aren’t that proficient in using WordPress as a CMS, so they called in my help to get them up and running, iron out all the details, and configure everything as it should. Sort of like a handyman coming over fixing the loose cupboards, install a few new electrical sockets and hand out some advice on how to maintain certain things.

Stuff like SEO, WordPress optimisation, configuration of posts and pages and an explanation of the correct use of custom fields for this specific theme, with Visual Composer and a decent amount of fixes, css re-styling were part of this job, along with hooking up their custom e-mail adresses through their choice of hosting and connection with Google Apps for easy mobile use.

A quick but fulfilling job for nice people,┬áhad a pleasant day working for them and am sure they’ll succeed in their endeavours of bringing creative new media stuff to a screen near you.

Check it yourself at their portfolio site http://www.nunam.be/

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