A CMS named WordPress

A CMS (Content Management System) makes it easier for you (and me) to keep a website up-to-date. I at one time built my own, totally customized with all things I thought were necessary. But then I came across WordPress, many years ago. And I decided it’d be better to focus on web design, content strategies, User Experience and usability instead of lying awake at night if my CMS was secure enough..

WordPress is considered one of the best, and in my opinion, THE best.

It’s ease of use, capability to do practically everything with it, and the possibilities to extend it as you wish, with plugins or widgets.. make it a real winner.

I consider myself a WordPress expert, given my experience with the platform over the years, the fact I developed over 50 sites with the CMS, adapted existing plugins, and gave lectures about the platform itself or specific features, plugins or best practices.

Don’t let the old tagline “WordPress is a blogging system” fool you. There are pretty high end websites out there that are powered by WordPress. Design galleries, online shops, portal sites and corporate businesses discovered WordPress is NOT for blogging only.

Clients find it very easy to use


Why do “I” use it. Mainly for my clients, who are very pleased, everytime again I might add, because it’s so user friendly and they very easily know how to update their site, add images, and do whatever they want..

A journalist, working for a big, national newspaper, told me after a week using a WordPress magazine site I set up, that the content management system, and the way I set it up, beat the newspaper’s CMS in many, many ways..

And that’s what matters, a solid system that keeps all data nice and neat for you to edit, perfectly extendible and also making your site ranking good in search engines.


What specific WordPress services do I provide ?

  • Setup and optimization of the complete WordPress setup (including the configuration of some necessary plugins)
  • Theme Development (from scratch, or from a given graphic template you might already have designed)
  • Plugin Development
  • Hosting
  • Just ask … I’ve come across many situations where I invented ways to extend WordPress and/or let the clients use the CMS for their sometimes pretty specific goals.


I’m pretty experienced, having setup that many WordPress-powered sites. I also gave presentations on WordPress, e.g. on the annual Mac Fair in Belgium (dedicated to Apple of course), and on the annual WordPress gathering in the Netherlands where all professionals go to, WordCampNL and it’s smaller meetups, like the one in Eindhoven.

I’m also active in the online community, offering help to people in the WordPress forums, via Twitter or mail or on specific plugins like PodsCMS.


Here are a number of links (I’ll add screenshots later) of projects I worked on (mostly as single developer) that are all powered by WordPress.